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Avoiding Grant Suspension - Google Ad Grants

     Google Ad Grants are a great way for registered and verified 501(c3) nonprofits to create their own Google Ads campaigns. Google has implemented a system where once verified, each Ad Grantee can run Google Ads … [Read More]

How To Manage Your Own Micro-Influencers

By now, you’ve probably seen and heard that influencer marketing is a tool many brands turn to for exposure, brand awareness and leads. Influencer marketing is so popular that agencies whose only purpose is to manage … [Read More]

How Liking and Commenting Affects Growth

If you are managing your own Instagram account, you may be wondering why you’re not seeing the growth you had hoped for. Most likely, you are doing everything right, like posting great content, paying attention to ideal … [Read More]

The Impact of YouTube on Marketing

YouTube can be an amazing tool for both big and small businesses to reach potential customers. The site boasts more than 1.9 billion logged-in users every month, with more than a billion hours of watched video spread … [Read More]