The Impact of YouTube on Marketing

YouTube can be an amazing tool for both big and small businesses to reach potential customers. The site boasts more than 1.9 billion logged-in users every month, with more than a billion hours of watched video spread over billions of views. Younger generations are much more likely to be looking at YouTube than any other medium of broadcast or cable network when on mobile phones.

As the world’s second most popular website behind Google, it definitely bodes well for companies to start investing time and money into putting out content on YouTube. It can be hard to break into the video marketing field, as the space is very crowded with content. Although as a reputable source of information or a business with the right niche, it can be a very successful platform for marketing.

Brand Exposure

Youtube can do wonders for brand exposure. For example, companies like GoPro use YouTube to showcase beautiful video clips that often go viral that inevitably invoke the need for consumers to invest in their own GoPro.

Many other companies are investing time into creative and thought-provoking YouTube ads that create a buzz around their product or company. Artists may even create shocking music videos for songs that generate large amounts of views due to the content of the video (regardless of the content of their song).

Youtube + Google Ads

Additionally, Google often throws YouTube videos onto search results when applicable. Not only do Video SEO and keywords exist for YouTube search, but these videos also have SEO roots that branch even deeper. With a multifaceted SEO approach, companies can market on the top two most popular search engines in the world simply by making YouTube videos.

Helpful Tips

Keywords related to How-To guides, reviews, tutorials, and fitness related topics are commonly the type of subject in which videos are returned on the search results page. This boasts an interesting idea - does your business have insider knowledge about how to perform a particular task that may not be common knowledge? Could you create a high-quality and informative How-To video about how it’s done?

If you feel you need more information on YouTube’s impact on internet marketing or need assistance setting up your own YouTube marketing campaign - do not hesitate to reach out to us here at Bright Productions!

Written by Miranda on Monday June 10, 2019
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